Parenting Advice from a Spy: CIA Spymaster Jack Devine on Raising a Family Undercover


With Father’s Day around the corner, author and CIA spymaster Jack Devine shares what it’s like to be both a father and a spy, with input from his children on the experience of growing up undercover in foreign lands. (Devine is the author of Good Hunting: An American Spymaster’s Story.)


Jack, how has working for the CIA influenced your parenting six children and now thirteen grandchildren?

While James Bond and George Smiley never had to function in the world of parenting, most CIA operators have spouses and children and have to confront this challenge daily. The added complexity for most CIA families is the fact that much of their lives take place in foreign lands while operating under cover.

Often, I have reflected on whether hauling children around the world from foreign post to post shortchanged them from living in the same community, and did it disadvantage them from the experience of a “normal’ upbringing stateside…

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